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Theoretical regulatory biology group


at the Barcelona Collaboratorium for Modelling and Predictive Biology

 We are a small research group interested in the fundamental principles governing cellular regulatory processes, mainly focusing on signalling and gene regulation. 


The behaviour of biological systems depends on many components that interact dynamically and across scales.  We believe that there is a need for new conceptual models in biology that account for such complexity in a mechanistic and quantitative manner. This new level of understanding will allow us to ground modern experimental data in mechanism, as well as to make progress in our ability to manipulate biological systems, for example to treat diseases or engineer new functionalities for ecological applications.


Our research is based on humbleness, honesty and a willingness to collaborate to solve the puzzles of biology.

We see the challenging of ideas in a respectful and collegial manner as the basis for meaningful progress. 

We are committed to the highest level of respect for everybody regardless of demographic features or career stage, and value a healthy working style that is enriching and fulfilling scientifically and personally.

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